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Environmental destruction services
This Company understands that reputation is the most important intangible assets of each brand, such as overproduction or poor quality of the goods into the market, will have dealt a severe blow to the credibility of the brand, affecting sales. In view of this, the company provides environmental destruction services for the manufacturers to solve Defective or excess goods out of the market problem, a professional approach to protect the corporate image of the brand.

First of all, our company will send someone to yours for understanding the material, quantity and weight of the goods, then will explain and give advices, so that, we can give a t reasonable offer.

After your consent, the goods will be arranged to deliver to our company's workshop for environmental destruction project.

Strict implementation of
This Company will strictly comply with the instructions of our clients, the environmental destruction engineering, to achieve customer satisfaction. Before the payment for the projects.

Professional advice
This Company is engaged environmental destruction so many years of experience to give customers professional advice.

Project monitoring
The customer can arrange and appointment to oversee the project, can take photos and record the progress of the project, in order to ensure that the project going on exactly.

Sort processing
This Company will classify the goods of the customer, then treatment works, example: carton, plastic, metal, etc. and after treatment are sent to the various environmental recycling channels or recyclers.

Customer’s right and interests
Customers can demand the returning of all the material remaining after any works.

Absolute confidentiality
All information will be kept confidential to ensure that customer products and related information will never leakage or theft.


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